Eyelash Extensions

Joanne, the Owner of Solisa Tanning and Lashes is a pioneer in eyelash extensions.  She and her staff have extensive training in all aspects of the lash trade!  We do beautiful eyelash extensions and each set is customized for the clients eye, age, lifestyle and lash base.  Our trained lash techs consult with each client prior to their service as to ensure the best set for their natural lashes.  A new set of regular lash extensions takes 60 – 90 mins.  Lash fills take 30 – 60 mins.  We use only the best silk and mink lashes and lash glues.  We also have sensitive eye glue for those with glue sensitivities.  We also educate our lash clients and teach them how to care for their eyelash extensions.  We sell a variety of lash care products that will keep your lashes looking  soft, supple and beautiful. 

For lash clients that like a very full, fluffy eyelash set – we offer 3d or volume lashes.  Volume lashes are not for every lash base, so we suggest you call for a lash consultation to see if you are a volume candidate!!!

NOTE: Custom Fills are $45.00 PLUS

Joanne also teaches a certified lash technician course for $1,200.00.  The course is two days and successful students will receive a lash technician certificate upon completion.  Please call Joanne at 250-585-2253 for more information.

Also being offered is a 1 day Volume Eyelash course for $350.00. This comes with a lash kit and booklet. Students will need to provide a lash model for 3 hours. Please call Joanne at 250-585-2253 for more information.

    • 110 $
    • 135 $
    • 160 $
    • 200 $
    • 30 $
    • 1200 $
    • 350 $